Jambira Pinda

Jambira Bolus Treatment

JAMBIRA PINDA is a method of sudation performed with bolus of
jambira fruit pieces. It can help with frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, low back pain, and other conditions. and in sub-acute tissue inflammation.

JAMBIRA PINDA sweda is used mainly to provide relief from pSweda
This treatment also effectively wards off the inflammation,  swelling, and pain associated with bone joints and musculoskeletal pain. Jambeera is an Ayurvedic term for wild lemon or Citrus medica (citron fruit). Naranaga is a word used in Malayalam for both citron fruit and lemon. But in practice, lemon is used in the treatment. Thus, the use of the term Jambeera and the use of lemon in the treatment look controversial. But we shall not look into the names. Some physicians have effectively used the citron fruit for the treatment, including me. Thus, the term jambira or naranga doesn’t seem controversial. Both these terms cover the usage of both lemon and wild lemon in the treatment.

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Benefits of Jambira