Rejuvenation Ayurveda Therapy

Navarakizhi (Njavarakizhi) is a rejuvenation Kerala Ayurveda therapy specialty that’s now available in Chennai, at the Sukriti Ayur Centre in Perumbakkam. This nourishing therapy is very effective for total mind and body care. This traditional therapy has a three-step process that has been perfected over thousands of years. It starts with Purva Karma, the preparatory procedure, then Pradhana Karma, the main procedure, and the final step is Pashchat Karma, or the post-procedure treatment.

Medicated rice cooked in milk is the main ingredient of the Navarakizhi (Njavarakizhi), which also has other herbal ingredients added in and tied up in a muslin cloth to make the “kizhi.” Two or more masseurs are involved in the treatment process.

Benefits of Navarakizhi