Kerala Ayurvedic Therapy

Pizhichil can be quite effective for fatigue and rejuvenation of the skin as well. Sukriti Ayurveda offers Pizhichil Treatment.

Pizhichil is a Kerala Ayruvedic therapy (Ayurvedic treatment) available at our Ayurvedic Treatment Center in Chennai. It is an effective combination of the classical Ayurvedic treatments, Snehana and Swedana. Over three litres of lukewarm medicated oil are used to bathe the body while also providing soft treatment. Two or more Ayurvedic therapists are involved in the treatment and oil bath, ensuring that all the client needs are met.

Pizhichil is an important part of paanchakarma Ayurveda treatment that combines oil and heat therapy to improve blood circulation and eliminate ama, or toxins, from your body. 
Squeezing the medicated oil from a cloth, it is poured on your body. 

PIZHICHIL-Sub Services

Benefits of Pizhichil